Brown Shrike

Using Canon 7D 800mm Lens ISO800 1/800 f5.6

Scientific Name: Lanius cristatus
Size: 20cm
Habitat: All habitats in all elevations
Birdwatch note: Common migrant. This race of Brown Shrike with a grey head and back is noisy and conspicuous. Very aggressive, preying on large insects, small birds and mammals.
Location Seen Vegetable farm at Penampang paddy field.

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Long-Tailed Shrike

Using Canon 7D, 800mm Lens, ISO400, 1/1205, f6.3

Seen and photographed this bird before at Kundasang.

But this time is different, because this bird is believed to be a winter visitor (Breeding range is at South China to Vietnam). This bird was photographed at the same area that I have photographed the Plaintive Cuckoo, i.e. at the vegetable farm adjacent to paddy field at Penampang.

It was observed frequently perching at the poll hunting for caterpillar on the ground.

Its flight is undulating, but its dash is straight and determined.

Fellow birders said that they have spotted the Brown Shrike around the area which is another bird in my list. Go hunting again……..