HDR photography

Using Canon 5D Mk3.

I have upgraded my Canon 5D Mk2 to Mk3 wanting to enjoy shooting the HDR mode in the camera.  However, I have not been able to get a satisfactory shot using the HDR mode. I will need to try out more of the HDR effects to see for other outcome.

Dinawan Island



Painting the rock (1)

This is the image I captured today.  Following yesterday’s outing and trying the use of touch light to brighten the rock.  We went back to the same spot and wanted to take a better shot.  We brought along our flash gun and few touch lights.

Waiting for the sun to set below the horizon and the sky is darker.Using a long exposure of 30 seconds, which gives us longer time to apply the filled lights using the flash gun and touch lights. This is very helpful as we are using Lee filters to stop down the shutter speed by 5-stops, but the rocks details in the foreground just couldn’t stand out if not with the help of the flash and touch. It was fun for doing this.  I also like the result.  Following is another image on the effect.


Painting the Rock

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO100, f/22.0, 6s

Today’s sunset was very vivid.  Because of the strong bright lights at the sky, I can’t capture the details of the rock surface.  Didn’t use any filter to bring down the light in the sky.

We tried using the filled flash to bring out the details.  But that produced reflection on the water.  We tried the other method, that is to use a touch light to paint the surface of the rocks, to bring out the details.

Following is another shot with that effect.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm lens, ISO100, f22.0, 30s

Sunrise at Dinawan Island

It was a cloudy morning. Can’t really get a clear view on the Mt. Kinabalu at the background.  I focus my shot on the ray.  This ray effect was achieved when the sun raised just above the mountain range.  Use a small aperture will create the look.  This ray effect can be created on any bright light source.

Happy shooting !!


One of the shopper at Tamu

Today is a fruitful day for me as I have explored a new area of photography, i.e. street photography and portrait.  My first location is at the Tamu (Sunday open market) at Kota Belud, about 110KM from Kota Kinabalu. At the Tamu, you can find all sorts of people, young and old, arriving here to do their ‘shopping’ and find a meal or snake at this open market.

After trying out photographing wildlife, bird and landscape for sometime, it’s exciting to pick up a new area, which I personally feel not easy to master.  upon arriving at the open market, my worry is how do I interact with the people I want to photograph and will not be rejected by them.

To avoid close contact, I choose my Canon 5D Mk II with 100-400mm Lens thinking that I can take pictures from a distance of the subject. I followed my 3 other friends who have a lot of experience in this area and watch how do they do it. I soon put my worries behind my head as the people there are friendly, some even don’t mind asking their children to post for you.

Following are some of the tips I gathered during this trip:

1) Look for older people as most of them have deep wrinkles which add to their facial expression;

2) Get a friend to talk to the store keeper, pretending to buy something from them, so that the store keeper with not pay attention on you take their picture and this will make them looks more natural;

3) If need be, buy something from the store keeper and they will be happy to let you take their photos;

4) Approach and ask nicely if they allow you to take a picture;

5) Look for people making their conversation;

6) Don’t forget things that are on sale…etc.

During this trip, my focus is on portrait, and have overlook on things that are on sale. Anyway, following are some of the photos which I feel nice…


I have also converted some photos to black & white