Mengkabong Bridge, Tuaran

Many people, including myself see this bridge as one of the favorite spot for landscape especially to take the sunrise with Mt Kinabalu in the frame. As early as 4:30am, we drove from KK to the bridge at Tuaran, to park the car before reaching the bridge and walked towards the middle point of it and wait for the sunrise.

This round, it’s different, I’m standing at the opposite side, trying to capture the sunset with the bridge in the frame.  The above shot was a result of merging 3 separate shots together (as the bridge is too long, even with my 17mm lens).

Later, we cross the bridge and reach the opposite side of the river.  While the sun is setting below the horizon,  here is the shot,

When it’s getting darker, the street light is switched on and I tried the reflection shot.  Here and below

Just before leaving, I took another closer shot of the bridge.


HDR photography

Using Canon 5D Mk3.

I have upgraded my Canon 5D Mk2 to Mk3 wanting to enjoy shooting the HDR mode in the camera.  However, I have not been able to get a satisfactory shot using the HDR mode. I will need to try out more of the HDR effects to see for other outcome.

Dinawan Island


Sunset at Water Village

This beach adjacent to a water village is located off KK city. During low tide, people can walk on the beach, collecting seashells for food.

I picked this site to photograph the sunset with the intention to include the village in the picture, to create the mode of fishing village.  However, the houses were too far from my view point.

Then, I spotted the stream (on the right hand side of the scene) joining the drain, discharging water from one part of the city.  I recompose the picture and get the following shot.

Painting the rock (1)

This is the image I captured today.  Following yesterday’s outing and trying the use of touch light to brighten the rock.  We went back to the same spot and wanted to take a better shot.  We brought along our flash gun and few touch lights.

Waiting for the sun to set below the horizon and the sky is darker.Using a long exposure of 30 seconds, which gives us longer time to apply the filled lights using the flash gun and touch lights. This is very helpful as we are using Lee filters to stop down the shutter speed by 5-stops, but the rocks details in the foreground just couldn’t stand out if not with the help of the flash and touch. It was fun for doing this.  I also like the result.  Following is another image on the effect.


Painting the Rock

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO100, f/22.0, 6s

Today’s sunset was very vivid.  Because of the strong bright lights at the sky, I can’t capture the details of the rock surface.  Didn’t use any filter to bring down the light in the sky.

We tried using the filled flash to bring out the details.  But that produced reflection on the water.  We tried the other method, that is to use a touch light to paint the surface of the rocks, to bring out the details.

Following is another shot with that effect.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm lens, ISO100, f22.0, 30s

Teluk Villa, Putatan seaside

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, 23mm focal length, ISO100, f/22.0, 6s

Yesterday, we visited a new beach site, at Teluk Villa housing area at Putatan.  The moment I saw the sea front, I like it very much as it has many rocks along the beach.  This is what I have been wanting to photograph for sometime.  The sky on the other hand was dark and cloudy.

We still wanting to give it a try.  The images taken on that day was on the darker side.  The photos shown here are after post processing using photoshop to enhance the colors.

A different sunrise

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO100, f/13.0, 04s with 0.6+0.9 ND Lee filter

This morning, I woke up late at about 6:10am where the sun has raised above the hills.  Lucky, I got a chance to take try out the 10-stop Lee filter and 0.6 and 0.9 ND soft Lee filters.  Walked towards the sea near the rocky area, I set up the camera and installed the filter holder, then fitted it with the 0.6+0.9 ND soft Lee filter. Above is the shot and the rocks was brighten using photoshop.

Later, I removed the 0.6 ND filter, just keep the 0.9 ND filter, wanted to try out the big stopper (10-stop).  So I focus on the stones (about 1/3 of the frame away) with the 0.9 ND filter fitted. Once in focus,  I  turn off the auto focus to avoid re-focusing when I depress the shutter.  As I wanted a 30 seconds exposure using the big stopper, I adjusted the Aperture so that the shutter speed stayed at 1/50s. So, when slot the big stopper at the back of the ND filter the shutter speed will dropped to 30 second.  The result I got is the silky look of the sea.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm lens, ISo100, f/11.0, 30s with 10-stop Lee filter

Following is another attempt on another angle using the same setting, this time on the Portrait view.

I then turned my subject to rocks in front of me as foreground.

Filter – Big Stopper

Using Canon 24-105mm Lens, ISO100, F/13.0, 20s

Trying out the new filter from Lee Filter, i.e. Big Stopper, 10 stops.  Too bad, my 17-40mm Lens’s  UV filter was dented while climbing rocky area of the beach, to gain a higher ground.  That’s why I have to shoot using the 24-105mm lens, fitted with the Lee filter holder, a 0.9 ND filter and the big stopper.  With long exposure, the water became silky.

Following is another view by cropping from the same picture.

I really like the filters as they made the sunset more real and at the same time retained the color. Need not to mention the silky look of the sea water surface. Following is another photo using the same filter.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 24-105mm Lens, ISO200, F/13.0, 30s



Relaxing evening

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO50, f/22.0, 0.5s

It has been at the back of my mind that when it comes to afternoon, I will observe the sky and see if there will be a nice sunset coming later of the day.  Taking picture is just for enjoying and it can help to release some of my stress.

The wave, sound and the air at seaside makes you calm and relax.

Following are cropping the same photos on 2 angle.

Have a happy weekend !!