Mengkabong Bridge, Tuaran

Many people, including myself see this bridge as one of the favorite spot for landscape especially to take the sunrise with Mt Kinabalu in the frame. As early as 4:30am, we drove from KK to the bridge at Tuaran, to park the car before reaching the bridge and walked towards the middle point of it and wait for the sunrise.

This round, it’s different, I’m standing at the opposite side, trying to capture the sunset with the bridge in the frame.  The above shot was a result of merging 3 separate shots together (as the bridge is too long, even with my 17mm lens).

Later, we cross the bridge and reach the opposite side of the river.  While the sun is setting below the horizon,  here is the shot,

When it’s getting darker, the street light is switched on and I tried the reflection shot.  Here and below

Just before leaving, I took another closer shot of the bridge.


Atkinson Clock Tower

Atkinson Clock Tower at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah was built in 1902 and completed in 1905 to commemorate the first District Officer of Jesselton, Mr Francis George Atkinson, who died of malaria at the age of 28.

A two-faced clock was presented by Atkinson’s mother Mary Edith, as a memorial to her son. Gazetted as a historical building by Sabah Museum in 1983, it was one of the three buildings still left standing after the war. The original clock was replaced in 1964.

It has been standing at the hill overlooking KK town for so many years. City people living in KK who come to KK will definitely pass-by this clock tower.  It strikes while I was photographing it…It was 6:00pm…

Testing 5D Mk3

Recently, I got my Canon 5D Mk3 and wanting to try out it’s ability to shoot at low light.  Here, during my trip to Kuala Lumpur, I took a walk to the KLCC from my hotel. The above was a shot taken at handheld.  The details look good and sharpness is maintained.

Later, took a walk at Bukit Bintang area, and photographed the following 2 shots, also at handheld. Setting was fully auto.  Just like to see the color which is very nice.


1 Borneo

Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO200, f/20, 30s

This whole roll of buildings in the photos is actually under one complex called “1Borneo”.  It consist of shopping mall, 3 hotels and 3 blocks of condos.

The photo was taken at 6:53pm at long exposure when the sky are blue.

Following is another angle that is nearer to the complex. The blue sky is gone.

Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO50, f/8.0, 4s

Happy shooting !!!

KK Night

Using Canon 5D MkII, 24-105mm Lens, ISO100, f/13, 20s.

Sometime, no planning is better then properly planning for an outing to shoot sunset scene. My friend and I have been trying to shoot sunset for the past 2 weeks.  Get ready the gears and make plan to meet at certain spots, but weather just not in your favour at the hour before sunset.

Today, I was on my drive home at close to 7pm, seen the sky getting blue. Decided to stop over at a overhead bridge, climb up to the middle of the bridge where cars are running over below the bridge. Set up the tripod and captured the scene.

Didn’t tried the panorama or HDR shots…just crop the original photo for the panorama view.  The buildings on the left was brighten using photoshop CS4.


KK Night

I posted the sunset look of the same shot earlier.  I personally like this night scene a lot with the sunset at the horizon.  This shot has more coverage of the Kota Kinabalu city as the council has just cleared the overgrown tree in front of the observation tower.

Following is another view of the beautiful city.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO100, F/16, 1/13

I did some adjustment of the photo using Photoshop as there is some distortion on the building as I tilt my camera downward too much.

Follow by the latest shopping mall in town, i.e. Suria Sabah.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO200, F/22, 1/13s

Another angle.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO200,F/22, 1/20s

Have a nice weekend !!

Sunset at Observation Tower

Combining 3 shots together

At the observation tower, at Signal Hill, Kota Kinabalu. The sky is nice with no dark cloud, the sun can be seen at clear sky.  On the other hand, the buildings are at backlighting. Also, the observation tower will be dark if I meter the sky.  Likewise, if I meter the buildings or the tower, the sky will be over-exposed too.  So I tried taking different shots at different exposures.  The above shot was a result of 3 photos merged together.

Result of 7 photos merged together

Wanted to include the streets as well. As such, I have taken 7 shots of different exposures. Later, processed them at photoshop and merged them together to form the above.  I like the shot as the sky did not go blur too much, believed it was due to less windy today.  However, the cars tail lights are not merged into this pictures.