Trip to Kinabalu National Park (KNP)

Asian Brown Flycatcher (juvenile) found it searching for food on the floor.

Asian Brown Flycatcher (juvenile) front view

Asian Brown Flycatcher (Adult), this adult was seen feeding the juvenile

Temmick’s sunbird (female)
Always seen and captured the male at KNP and this is the first time, taken a nice picture of the female

Short-tailed Green Magpie.
This bird is the common resident at KNP, it makes loud calls while foraging.

Chestnut-hooded Laughing Thrush

Scarlet-Breasted Flowerpecker
Seen this bird many times, and this is the 1st time getting a proper shot.

Little Pied Flycatcher (male)

Bornean Whistler


This morning sunrise

Wake up at 6:05am this morning and saw a clear sky outside my front door.  It made me remember the location (walking distance from home) where I shot yesterday’s photo of Mt Kinabalu. Looks like a good chance that I will be able to see the sunrise.  Pull out my camera with the wide angle lens and quickly drove up to the spot.

There I shoot the above picture.  If I had got my 24-105mm Lens, I can take some close-up shot.


Sunrise at Mengkabong, Tuaran

This sunrise series were taken this morning at between 6:00am to 6:30am.  Sunrise at Borneo is later (i.e. after 6am) in early of the year.

In order to overcome to different brightness levels, i.e. sky, mountain and the foreground, and not using ND filter. I tried out staking 3 photos taken using Canon 5D Mk II, 24-105mm Lens, at 75mm focal length. Manual mode, ISO250, speed 1/8, and at 3 different aperture at f14, f18 & f22. These 3 photos was later processed using HDR function under Photoshop CS4.

The above photo was a result of merging 4 photos together using Photomerge in Photoshop. It was taken using Canon 5D Mk II, 24-105mm Lens at focal length at 40mm, on manual mode, ISO 160, f14, and exposure is fixed at 2 seconds.

Another HDR below.

Following is just a close-up shot of the mountain. One shot using Canon 5D Mk II, 100-400mm Lens at focal length of 100mm, ISO250, f13, 2.5 seconds exposures.