KK Night

I posted the sunset look of the same shot earlier.  I personally like this night scene a lot with the sunset at the horizon.  This shot has more coverage of the Kota Kinabalu city as the council has just cleared the overgrown tree in front of the observation tower.

Following is another view of the beautiful city.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO100, F/16, 1/13

I did some adjustment of the photo using Photoshop as there is some distortion on the building as I tilt my camera downward too much.

Follow by the latest shopping mall in town, i.e. Suria Sabah.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO200, F/22, 1/13s

Another angle.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 17-40mm Lens, ISO200,F/22, 1/20s

Have a nice weekend !!


Sunset at Observation Tower

Combining 3 shots together

At the observation tower, at Signal Hill, Kota Kinabalu. The sky is nice with no dark cloud, the sun can be seen at clear sky.  On the other hand, the buildings are at backlighting. Also, the observation tower will be dark if I meter the sky.  Likewise, if I meter the buildings or the tower, the sky will be over-exposed too.  So I tried taking different shots at different exposures.  The above shot was a result of 3 photos merged together.

Result of 7 photos merged together

Wanted to include the streets as well. As such, I have taken 7 shots of different exposures. Later, processed them at photoshop and merged them together to form the above.  I like the shot as the sky did not go blur too much, believed it was due to less windy today.  However, the cars tail lights are not merged into this pictures.