Countryside at Kinabalu Park

Using Canon 5D MkII, ISO320, f/4.0, 1/1600

I have been to this place few times, it’s at the East side of the Mt. Kinabalu.  You can see vegetable farming on every plot of lands available here. During Chinese New Year, with my family members, we drove here again. This time, I have my camera with me, and have taken some shots for records.


The country road is narrow and give a lonely feeling.  I like this  shot as it give that kind of feeling for myself.

At both sides of the road are lands used for growing various kind of vegetables.  One thing, the farmer uses animal waste such as chicken dropping as fertilizer.  Also seen them spreading pesticide. Let’s hope they don’t apply too excessively as its harmful to our body.

This is one of the main vegetable producing area at west Sabah and there produces will be distributed to many areas on wholesales basis.

You can find the products being market just at Kundasang at reasonable price.

Here are some photos of the farm (Please click on the photos to enlarge)


Short-Tailed Green Magpie

Using Canon 7D, 300mm 2.8, ISO1600, 1/50, f3.5

Taken at Kinabalu Park, at 20SEP2011 with a couple from Singapore.  This We were attracted by its loud variety of harsh whistles and chattering call.  We saw 3 magpie flying around the same areas, seem like collecting something, after much exploring inner to the dense brushes, we discovered that they are actually in the process of building a nest, that’s why they have been flying back and fro the same spots with things at their mouth.

We have also seen this bird at Mt. Alab too, along Tambunan Road, which is about 1600m above sea level.