More Great Egret

Upon reviewing my earlier photo album taken in OCT2011, and found some of the shots on the great egret at paddy fields.

That time, the workers are clearing the fields using the tractor, these egrets are tailing behind to a quick meal…


Great Egret

Using Canon 7D, 800mm Lens, ISO 250, 1/1000 f6.3

Using Canon 7D 800mm Lens, ISO250, 1/800, f6.3

Great Egret Ardea alba, or Great White Heron or Eastern Great Egret is common migrant and local resident in Kota Kinaabalu. They can be seen in flocks feeding at paddy field, river bank, seashore or they can be event seen in front of your house occasionally.

What is not common is this Great Egret is at the breeding plumage, i.e. the all black legs turned pink, and the color at its face area turned light blue.  This bird was taken at the lagoons during low tide, and it flew and landed at about 50m away from us.  This full body picture by filling the whole frame. Out of the flock of over 100 of them in the lagoon, it really stand out of the group.

Following is another version of it at non-breeding plumage.

Using Canon 7D 800mm Lens, ISO250, 1/1000, f6.3