HDR photography

Using Canon 5D Mk3.

I have upgraded my Canon 5D Mk2 to Mk3 wanting to enjoy shooting the HDR mode in the camera.  However, I have not been able to get a satisfactory shot using the HDR mode. I will need to try out more of the HDR effects to see for other outcome.

Dinawan Island



Special Sunset

This sunset is special as this is the first time seeing the sunset with the ray shooting up from the horizon.  I believed that was due to a clear sky after much rains in the past few days.  This ray appeared at almost half hour after the sun disappear from the horizon.  The upper part of the sky displayed the deep blue color too…
The sun can be seen very clearly while setting….

Passers by are admiring the sunset ….

Sunset at Water Village

This beach adjacent to a water village is located off KK city. During low tide, people can walk on the beach, collecting seashells for food.

I picked this site to photograph the sunset with the intention to include the village in the picture, to create the mode of fishing village.  However, the houses were too far from my view point.

Then, I spotted the stream (on the right hand side of the scene) joining the drain, discharging water from one part of the city.  I recompose the picture and get the following shot.

Painting the rock (1)

This is the image I captured today.  Following yesterday’s outing and trying the use of touch light to brighten the rock.  We went back to the same spot and wanted to take a better shot.  We brought along our flash gun and few touch lights.

Waiting for the sun to set below the horizon and the sky is darker.Using a long exposure of 30 seconds, which gives us longer time to apply the filled lights using the flash gun and touch lights. This is very helpful as we are using Lee filters to stop down the shutter speed by 5-stops, but the rocks details in the foreground just couldn’t stand out if not with the help of the flash and touch. It was fun for doing this.  I also like the result.  Following is another image on the effect.


Sunrise at Guakon

Using Canon 5D MkII, 24-105mm Lens, ISO100, f/16, 10s

This morning we started as early as 3:30am, picked up by my brother at about 3:40am, and then another friend.  3 of us headed to a small town called Tampaluli for breakfast.  We arrived 10 minutes earlier before the shop is opened for business at 4:30am (The only shop that open so early in town).  We had a quick breakfast and started our journey to the shooting spot deep in the village, about 10km away from the town.  Just when we have set up our camera, we wasted no time as the first light is appearing at the horizon.  Above was the photo taken at the early moment.

Guakon, is a photographers’ favorite spot as we can photograph the Mt Kinabalu, at the sametime has the sea of cloud as foreground.  The weather was very nice to us and the cloud above the mountain was very pleasant for shooting.

We continue shooting, and the sky’s colors become richer, more and more colors started to appear. The mist below the mountain starting to evaporate. Below was how it look.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 24-105mm lens, ISO100, f/13.0, 1/30s

Canon 5D MkII, 24-105mm Lend, ISO100, f/13.0, 1/3s, +1/3EV

When the sky was brighter, we turn our focus to the mist in front of us.

Some closeup shots

Here is the mood when the sunlight catches the mist.

Filter – Big Stopper

Using Canon 24-105mm Lens, ISO100, F/13.0, 20s

Trying out the new filter from Lee Filter, i.e. Big Stopper, 10 stops.  Too bad, my 17-40mm Lens’s  UV filter was dented while climbing rocky area of the beach, to gain a higher ground.  That’s why I have to shoot using the 24-105mm lens, fitted with the Lee filter holder, a 0.9 ND filter and the big stopper.  With long exposure, the water became silky.

Following is another view by cropping from the same picture.

I really like the filters as they made the sunset more real and at the same time retained the color. Need not to mention the silky look of the sea water surface. Following is another photo using the same filter.

Using Canon 5D MkII, 24-105mm Lens, ISO200, F/13.0, 30s



KK Night

Using Canon 5D MkII, 24-105mm Lens, ISO100, f/13, 20s.

Sometime, no planning is better then properly planning for an outing to shoot sunset scene. My friend and I have been trying to shoot sunset for the past 2 weeks.  Get ready the gears and make plan to meet at certain spots, but weather just not in your favour at the hour before sunset.

Today, I was on my drive home at close to 7pm, seen the sky getting blue. Decided to stop over at a overhead bridge, climb up to the middle of the bridge where cars are running over below the bridge. Set up the tripod and captured the scene.

Didn’t tried the panorama or HDR shots…just crop the original photo for the panorama view.  The buildings on the left was brighten using photoshop CS4.